Adrianne Kmet

RDI® Certified Consultant

Adrianne Kmet

RDI® Certified Consultant
Self-Reg Champion with the Mehrit Centre
Member for Access Autism from 2019-present.

Adrianne is an Autism & Neurodiversity Consultant and Registered Nurse and has worked with families in various capacities since 2010. She began her career working as a Public Health Nurse and LabourDelivery Nurse and after having neuro-divergent children of her own she realized her passion was to elevate quality of life for neurodivergent families. She specializes in working with parents who want to enhance their relationship with their child and make a positive impact on their child’s future. Establishing trust and connection with her clients is a top priority. When parents and children have a safe space to be vulnerable, they have the courage to stretch out of their comfort zone toward their highest expression of themselves.

Adrianne is married to her husband Martin and they have two amazing children Jasper and Isla. Adrianne started her business Discover Autism in 2016 and has worked as developmental consultant, speaker and educator. She holds a BScN from the British Columbia Institute of Technology School of Nursing, and earned an RDI Consultant Certificate from RDIconnect as well as various other certifications in areas of interest. Adrianne holds a Professional Certified RDI Consultant designation with RDIconnect, is a Self-Reg Champion with the Mehrit Centre and is pursuing a certification in connection- and evidence-based and trauma-informed parenting. She also serves as a Member for Access Autism from 2019-present.

“I love working with families and children to help positively alter the shape of their future.’ ~ Adrianne


PHONE: 604-365-2412


Areas Serviced:

  •  Maple Ridge
  • Pitt Meadows
  • Port Coquitlam
  • Adrianne works at a distance with families in all provinces and internationally

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