Lisa Palasti

Director Professional RDI® Training Canada, RDI® Certified Consultant

Lisa Palasti

Greetings! Thanks for stopping by to learn more about me! I am the Director of RDI© Professional Training in Canada. I love this role and my ability to support more professionals to make a positive impact on families affected by Autism across Canada. You can find out about upcoming RDI trainings on my website at As a Certified RDI© Program Consultant, I have worked with families locally and across Canada since 2004. A new initiative, I am offering an introductory on-line group training series where parents and professionals learn the basics of developmental-relationship based intervention. My mission is to raise awareness while empowering and educating participants about Autism, childhood development and neuroscience. In 2003, my husband and I began using RDI with our boys. Today, they are young adults and we are incredibly fortunate to have witnessed first hand what is possible when parents take the reigns and become mindful guides.

I enjoy working closely with schools, bridging home and school goals, delivering school support, IEP recommendations and education to staff. Over the past several years, I’ve participated, organized and presented education and encouragement to a variety of audiences about parenting, research, Autism and RDI, using both on-line and in person formats.

A lifelong learner, I’ve expanded my training to include ILS (Integrative Listening Systems), Gottman Seven Principles Program Educator, Masgutova MNRI reflex integration, HANDLE, EFT – level II, and further knowledge in the following area’s: Balametrics, AIT, Brain gym, RMT (Rhythmic Movement Training), natural health and nutrition, meditation, vision therapy, ABA/VB, Precision Teaching, NET, Neufeld’s Attachment Parenting and several specialized educational curriculums. The families I serve and my own grown children have been my biggest teachers and inspiration. I’m eternally grateful to have been a part of their journey’s.

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Kitchener, Canada
Phone: 519-575-5323

Areas Serviced:
All Provinces

Lisa is currently working with families at a distance


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