Qiu Xia Zhang, M.A.

RDI® Certified Consultant

Qiu Xia Zhang

Qiu Xia Zhang is a parent with a child with autism. She has been applying RDI approach for about eight years. She has been growing with her child through RDI journey.

Qiu Xia has her M.A. and is a RDI consultant in training. She has a big heart to work with children with autism and their families. She is passionate to empower together with parents of children with autism.

Qiu Xia lives in Edmonton, Alberta. She works with and supports families in Edmonton area and at a distance.

Qiu Xia can speak in both English and Mandarin.

7169 South Terwillegar Dr.
Edmonton, Alberta T6R0P3
Phone: 780-421-9452
Email: qiuxiazhang2@gmail.com

Areas Serviced:

  • Edmonton
  • Alberta

Qiu Xia is currently working with families at a distance


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