Vicki Parnell

RDI® Certified Consultant

Vicki Parnell

Shanker Self-Reg Certified Advanced training 
Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (Dr. Ross Greene)

I am the parent of two young people with ASD and I believe in the value of neurodiversity. I also believe that all parents are the experts on their own children. My job is to support families to unlock the tools they already have that will maximize the potential of their child.

I have been supporting families in British Columbia since 2014; each family I work with teaches me more about the wonderful, complex nature of autism. I continue to build my knowledge through extensive reading and continuing education courses in Shanker Self-Reg, the neurophysiology of stress, and the work of Dr. Stanley Greenspan. I am motivated by the joy of watching small miracles unfold as parents become confident guides to their children, and children become excited to engage with their parents.

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Areas Serviced:

  • Vancouver
  • Vancouver Island
  • Southern Gulf Islands

Vicki is currently working with families at a distance


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